Make Up


 Updates and makeovers. We can give you a whole new look and teach you how to apply it at home. Each season, get the latest products chosen for you with instructions on how to apply them to keep your look fresh and current.


We carry products from Xania Labs, RevitaLash, Clinician’s Complex, and Pure Illuminations by the Lano Company. We carry a full line of foundations, concealers, bronzers and highlighters, powders and blushes, eye shadows, eyeliners, mascaras, lip sticks, liners and glosses, make up remover, make up brushes, make up mirrors, sponges, tweezers, pencil sharpeners and brush cleaning liquid.

Price List

This price list is effective January 2017.

Make Up
Make-Up Applications, Updates & Makeovers
Make-Up Lesson
Mail Make-Up Update

Make-Up Lesson includes Two 30-Min Follow-Up Sessions.
Mail Make-Up Update package includes 7 items of seasonal colors specially selected by Steven for you.

Fine Print: Payment is expected at time services are rendered or sale made. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. There is a 5% discount for cash and check sales.